BigBag/FIBC/Super Sack/Jumbo Sack Container Liners

C A flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC),  super sack, jumbo bag, bulk bag, or big bag, is an industrial container made of flexible woven polypropylene fabric that is designed for storing and transporting dry, flowable products, Key industries are chemicals, minerals, food and feeds, Our extensive range of big bags (FIBCs) serves to a wide variety of dry bulkContinue reading “BigBag/FIBC/Super Sack/Jumbo Sack Container Liners”

K-Flex Collapsible Drum IBC

K-Flex is a low cost alternative for IBCs. It is easy to store as it is collapsed when empty. K-Flex is a good solution both for shipping and storage at about half the price of an IBC. Transporting liquids has been a challenge since ancient times. Throughout history, we’ve relied on wooden barrels, plastic containers,Continue reading “K-Flex Collapsible Drum IBC”

Aseptic Flexitank

The Aseptic Flexitank provides a sterile environment to transport perishable liquids. It protects the cargo against contamination. With an aseptic flexitank, it’s possible to transport liquids like milk and juices without having to worry about them becoming contaminated. After we pack and seal the flexitank, we apply 3-10 kGy of gamma irradiation, which guarantees anContinue reading “Aseptic Flexitank”

T-Flex Truck Flexitank

Transporting bulk liquids isn’t always an easy task with a limited number of road tankers/ tank trucks on the roads. The T-Flex solves this problem by letting you transport liquids in existing trucks / 53’ dry vans using our innovative bulk liquids transportation technology. T-Flex is a flexitank specifically designed for trucks/dry vans. After yearsContinue reading “T-Flex Truck Flexitank”