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Transportation in reefer containers is not a straightforward process. Reefer units tend to be fragile and need to be treated accordingly. The R-Flex 20ft is built to accommodate that. It’s designed to provide a safe way to transport liquids such as juices and dairy in reefer containers.

R-Flex 20ft is a flexitank designed for transportation of products that require temperature controlled environments such as juices or dairy, in 20ft reefer containers. It is the only successful flexitank for the purpose. It is guaranteed not to bulge the sidewalls or damage the fragile 20ft reefer container.

The R-Flex allows you to avoid transportation costs associated with high-cost packaging materials such as bins and drums. With the R-Flex, the loading and discharge operations are much faster and require less labor. The R-Flex is also guaranteed not to damage the reefer container or bulge the sidewalls.

Most forwarders and shippers in the industry have encountered problems with damaged or bulged containers due to ineffective flexitanks. Conventional flexitanks are meant to preserve liquids inside of a giant pillow-like apparatus. They provide a protective layer to preserve the cargo—but the design allows the liquid to move around. 

This movement causes the liquid to generate hydrodynamic force, which puts stress on the container side walls and doors. While a high-quality bulkhead can reduce strain, it may redirect that force to the sidewalls, causing additional damage by bulging. 

Nnautilus technology is an innovative approach that’s designed to tackle this issue. 

It uses a long tube/bladder folded over and interconnected to compartmentalize the bladder like the nautilus did millions of years ago. 

Unlike conventional flexitanks, its dome shape and restraining system enables it to harness and circulate the liquid through the interconnection holes. This helps reduce the formation of hydrodynamic forces, keeping the cargo safe in the process.

R-Flex 40ft is a Monoblock (one piece) flexitank designed for transportation of products that require temperature controlled environments such as juices or dairy, in 40ft reefer containers.

It has a unique design and integrates our patented wave breaking technology to ensure a safe transportation. It is the only successful flexitank for the purpose. It is guaranteed not to bulge the sidewalls or damage the fragile 40ft reefer container.

We’ve spent years developing a design for a flexitank that does not require any bulkheads. Our design minimizes movement within the flexitank, making it safe to use for transporting in fragile reefer units. The lack of bulkhead makes for quick and efficient filling, discharging, and disposal processes. We offer capacities between 12,000 liters/3,170 gallons and 26,000 liters/6,870 gallons.

Road tankers / tanker trucks are what many companies think to use when transporting liquids on the road. But they aren’t always the most practical option. Road tankers have limited availability and are expensive. Not only you need to pay for their return trip but you also need to make sure that they are hygiene enough to transport your cargo.

Sensitive liquids such as milk have strict regulations dictating how they can be shipped. And if you do find a milk tanker, you need to ensure that it is well cleaned, free of cleaning chemicals, and other contaminants.

Compartmentalized cargo reduces hydrodynamic force

Caterpillar technology is designed to tackle the above issues for liquids as long that are not classified by the UN as hazardous. It uses a long mono block tube/bladder that has several “rings” to shrink down the total circumference at certain areas to compartmentalize the bladder—similar to a caterpillar.

Should a vehicle break suddenly during transit, the design’s rings create bottlenecks that help dissipate any energy created by the liquid moving around. This helps avoid the formation of hydrodynamic forces and keeps your cargo safe.

R-Flex 20ft has some distinctive features that no other flexitank can offer.

Higher Capacity: R-Flex 20ft can load up to 22,000 litres in a 20’RF – offering a savings of 37.5% on overall freight cost compared to the other options on the market.

Higher Cargo Quality at Destination: By design, R-Flex 20ft has positive pressure which allows zero oxygen permeability. Also, the added protection of LiquA’s patented Nnautilius Technology in 20’RF means R-Flex 20ft provides an extremely stable journey for your precious commodity. In combination, these technologies deliver your products to their destination in the best condition possible – better than any other flexitank product on the market.

Better Chilling:As per the optimum design of R-Flex 20ft for the purpose, chilled air circulates through the entire surface of the flexitank, bottom, top even through the space in the core of the flexitank for better circulation of cold air, supported by positive inner pressure. This results in better chilling of the cargo allowing for longer transport times when needed.

  • Direct filling from stevedore tanks into R-Flex 40ft. No Re-loading.
  • Less packaging tara, more cargo…
    • Up to   11%(2100kg) more cargo in a container compared to metal drums.
    • Up to   3.5%(700kg) more cargo in a container compared to plastic drums.
    • Up to   6%(1250kg) more cargo in a container compared to IBCs.
  • No inventory for empty packaging (Drums/Bins/IBCs) §Extreme labor cost saving from packaging, filling, handling, empty packaging storage.
  • Capital saving from packaging. §Less loading time.

The 3 companies have aligned forces to tackle the highly specialized reefer shipments mainly of juices and dairy products. Shipment of perishable food grade liquids requires a high level of specialization. Two such products that are widely shipped around the world are juices and dairy products. Having years of experience in these segments, LiquA has developed the right flexitanks for shipping those products in  and reefer containers.

R-Flex not only is the flexitank that guarantees safe shipments in fragile reefer containers without damaging them but also ensures the hygiene of the cargos. A specialized shipping line in that segment, CMA CGM has considerably increased its fleet of reefer containers to service this project. Another specialized company in the segment, Teconja has combined the container fleet and the flexitanks with their seamless freight services.

The exclusive global service provided by the 3 companies is in place at any location worldwide.

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