E-Flex Easy Flexitank

One of our bestselling products, the E-Flex flexitank is a tank designed to outshine its competition in the shipping process. With a higher capacity, ability to use almost any container, faster fitting process, and guaranteed no bulging feature, E-Flex is the way to go if you’re looking for the most cost-effective way to transport high volumes of liquid safely and efficiently.

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Most forwarders and shippers in the industry have encountered problems with damaged or bulged containers due to ineffective flexitanks. Conventional flexitanks are meant to preserve liquids inside of a giant pillow-like apparatus. They provide a protective layer to preserve the cargo—but the design allows the liquid to move around. 

This movement causes the liquid to generate hydrodynamic force, which puts stress on the container side walls and doors. While a high-quality bulkhead can reduce strain, it may redirect that force to the sidewalls, causing additional damage by bulging. 

Nnautilus technology is an innovative approach that’s designed to tackle this issue. 

It uses a long tube/bladder folded over and interconnected to compartmentalize the bladder like the nautilus did millions of years ago. 

Unlike conventional flexitanks, its dome shape and restraining system enables it to harness and circulate the liquid through the interconnection holes. This helps reduce the formation of hydrodynamic forces, keeping the cargo safe in the process.

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E-Flex Easy Flexitank

A common problem with conventional flexitanks is that they put pressure on the sidewalls of containers, causing bulging. After thousands of E-Flex shipments, there has not been a single recorded case of container bulging having been caused by the E-Flex flexitank. E-Flex supports the entire burden of the cargo by itself, so any container can be used to transport the E-Flex flexitank.

The E-Flex flexitank does NOT require a rigid bulkhead,because it has an integrated flexible restraint and harnessing system.

E-Flex has no rigid bulkhead. Is it safe?

Not only is the E-Flex design safe to transport despite its lack of a rigid bulkhead, its integrated restraint system helps stabilize the liquid contents. Our anti-wave technology allows the E-Flex to control the movement of liquid and avoid accumulation of energy through the harnessing system: in other words, the tank is able to absorb forces that are applied to it during the shipping process and protect its contents.
E-Flex has been successfully tested in Pueblo, CO, USA according to international norm of PAS 1008-2016 and certified by Container Owners Association.

E-Flex is approved by all major shipping lines and is used in over 50 countries worldwide.

Railroad Impact Tested in USA according to both AAR and PAS 1008:2016

Approved by Container Owners Association

Approved by  Railroads in USA and Russia

Destruction Test…

Safely use any container available…

Easy Fitting…

Fitting of E-Flex is fundamentally different and much easier. It takes only three minutes to fit a container and get ready for filling whereas a conventional flexitank fitting takes more than 20 minutes. All of the equipment you need to fit your E-Flex is included with the flexitank itself.

We have a network of partners in 50 countries which offers support to our clients. We will both service your E-Flex tank and train your workers on how to use it effectively. If your business is located in a country we do not have covered, we can send technicians abroad to train your technical team.

You can stay connected with us using our mobile app, which allows us to monitor your flexitank fittings and provide you with feedback. Discharge and disposal assistance services are also available upon request.


The design of our flexitanks is more advanced and innovative than the rest of the products in the industry. Our valve is considered as bottom load. However as there are no bulkheads it is not static and goes up during loading. Our standard valve is 3” male camlock. An adaptor to reduce it to 2” is available upon request.

Largest Flexitank in the world….

E-Flex comes in 4 different sizes to enable loadings ranging from 12,000 litres to 27,000 litres. 27,000 litre size is the highest capacity on the market and E-Flex is the only flexitank that can load such capacity,

Highest capacity flexitank in the market with 27,000 litres

Dual E-Flex;Two Cargos, One Flexitank…

The Dual E-Flex flexitank is built precisely so that you can load two different products in the same tank. For example we can load red wine and white wine in the same flexitank, sperate compartments, separate valves.


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