T-Flex Truck Flexitank

Transporting bulk liquids isn’t always an easy task with a limited number of road tankers/ tank trucks on the roads. The T-Flex solves this problem by letting you transport liquids in existing trucks / 53’ dry vans using our innovative bulk liquids transportation technology.

T-Flex is a flexitank specifically designed for trucks/dry vans. After years of research, we have managed to provide a safe solution for transporting bulk liquids in trucks and dry vans.

Road tankers / tanker trucks are what many companies think to use when transporting liquids on the road. But they aren’t always the most practical option. Road tankers have limited availability and are expensive. Not only you need to pay for their return trip but you also need to make sure that they are hygiene enough to transport your cargo.

Sensitive liquids such as milk have strict regulations dictating how they can be shipped. And if you do find a milk tanker, you need to ensure that it is well cleaned, free of cleaning chemicals, and other contaminants.

Compartmentalized cargo reduces hydrodynamic force

Caterpillar technology is designed to tackle the above issues for liquids as long that are not classified by the UN as hazardous. It uses a long mono block tube/bladder that has several “rings” to shrink down the total circumference at certain areas to compartmentalize the bladder—similar to a caterpillar.

Should a vehicle break suddenly during transit, the design’s rings create bottlenecks that help dissipate any energy created by the liquid moving around. This helps avoid the formation of hydrodynamic forces and keeps your cargo safe.

Tested and certified by Dekra Germany according to European Norm EN12642


Railroad Impact Tested and Certified by TTCI, USA


Fully compliant with USDOT road and rail requirements

You can fit a T-Flex in minutes. We have a network of partners in 50 countries who can provide you with service and training. If you are not in one of those countries, one of our technicians may come and help you with the fitting and train your technical team.

The residue left in the flexitank depends on the cargo and how the discharge operation is carried out. However, leftover discharge can be as little as 20 litres (5 gallons) for products like water.

The maximum capacity is 26,000LT (6,850 gallons). Depending on the road weight limits, we can adjust the capacity.

T-Flex is applicable to Tented Trucks, 40ft & 45ft & 53ft containers, 53ft trucks.

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