Bitumen Bag

Bitumen is a crucial resource for many manufacturing purposes. Transporting bitumen isn’t easy. Our specialized bitumen bags are designed to carry bitumen safely and allow for easy loading and easy melting.

A bitumen filling station is the only way to fill bitumen bags. The filling station cools the bitumen and allows it to be loaded into the bags.

Bitumen bag  uses Ccubicus technology…

Transporting liquids has been a challenge since ancient times. Throughout history, we’ve relied on wooden barrels, plastic containers, and metal drums. Round and cylinder shapes have always been dominant when shipping liquids. But the cubical shape that the boxfish relies offers immense structural strength.

A reliable collapsible flexitank for your shipments.

Today, we have many options for liquid storage and transportation, including bins, drums, barrels, IBCs, and more. While they are reliable, the collapsible versions of them are not.

Our Ccubicus technology provides a cubical shape that saves space, offers enhanced durability, and is collapsible. Its composite form features an exterior made of woven polypropylene and woven fabric with polypropylene supporting tubes. The system requires a “cassette” which is made out of two plies of polyethylene with a carton protection.

Our bags are designed to be more durable and stable than our competition. With our bags, it’s possible to load more volume in containers by stacking multiple bags on top of one another.

We offer two models of bitumen bags: a 1100 LT model and a 1300 LT model. These two bags are sufficient for most transportation purposes, but we do offer custom-sized bags if you provide us with the specifications.

20ft containers can carry up to 22 tons, and 40ft containers have a capacity of up to 26 tons. Depending on your weight limits, the capacity of these containers may need adjustment.

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