LiquA Company Introduction

Who we are…

At LiquA, we design innovative bulk packaging that aims to build a sustainable future. We combine economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility to help keep the world of shipping moving in the right direction.
Our business is separated into three branches: 

liquid packaging, flexitank, dry packaging, and logistics.

We are incorporated in Spain, and our main manufacturing facility is located in Istanbul, Turkey.

Our approach focuses on using the latest technology to solve major problems in the shipping and logistics process. In addition to our state of the art production facilities, we work closely with our customers to provide the exact product or service they need. 

Our local presence in over 50 countries helps us connect to our clients to provide them with the reliable base they need for their shipping process.


Quality Assurance…


What Do We Believe In?

The shipping industry has a large carbon footprint. LiquA is committed to sustainability because we believe in a greener future.

Sustainability plays an important role in our mission as a logistics product manufacturer. We believe now is the best time to improve emissions, reduce waste, and research eco-friendly alternatives.

Our manufacturing practices and staff procedures are designed to protect the Earth’s climate and improve efficiency. And to us, that means pursuing green initiatives everywhere we can, from our manufacturing processes to simple recycling programs.


Customized Packaging for Shipments of All Types
Liquids, Dry Goods, and More

Whether you need to ship liquids, dry goods, or something else-our experience makes the difference.

Does your company ship a high volume of products? LiquA provides specialized design services that can help you create the right packaging for your shipments.

For years, we’ve helped companies solve their logistical problems using our cutting edge flexitanks and container liners. Our products are used in over 50 countries, because the shipping industry knows we know how to safely and efficiently ship your cargo.

Our logistics services can help you:
• Create customized packaging solutions
• Identify how to handle logistics for shipping routes
• Ensure that your products arrive safely and on time


Our Products